Hello, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Katie. I created said the machine as a way of documenting my very first tentative steps into the world of sewing! I have to say that I'm not in the best position to undertake such a craft, since neither myself nor my family have any background in it. When walking into a school textiles class for the first time I did manage to mistake the covered sewing machines for 'toasters' (I know...). It took some convincing (more than it probably should have) for me to accept that I hadn't, in fact, got lost and wandered into a food technology lesson.

As you might imagine this experience was pretty unnerving and did, in part, put me off sewing. However, all this changed when I came across The Great British Sewing Bee (a spin-off of the hugely popular Bake-Off TV series). Suddenly, sewing seemed accessible and acceptable (even fun!). More surprising though, was the massive online sewing community I discovered when researching the pastime. It was amazing to see so many talented people blogging about their sewing adventures, sharing their creations and advice. Clearly the image of an old lady sitting in an armchair sewing booties is an outdated one.*

Anyway, I should probably stop waffling now... I'll try my best to keep you updated on all of my sewing projects. I apologise in advance if a creation fails to resemble an item of clothing (this is highly likely by the way), but I'll post it anyway since it's all about the 'journey' right?

* Of course, I have nothing against old ladies sewing. Or old ladies full stop. In fact, I think everyone should learn how to sew (phew, thought I'd better just put that in).